Genuine Arai GP5 iridium coated anti-fog visors by SHADE7

F1 drivers only use anti-fog visors because this gives safer vision at all times. Many drivers prefer their visors to be multicoloured but now you can have anti-fog as well. SHADE7 visors are exactly the same as the visors used on Arai F1 drivers' helmets.

SHADE7 are multi-layered visors that appear in different colour from side to front. The colour change is just as noticeable on the light smoke visors. Not to be confused with cheap single layer visors, where the coating is easily wiped off.

Dark smoke visors are available in blue, red, titanium, turquoise & green Light smoke visors are available in blue, red, titanium & turquoise

Every visor is supplied in a soft polystyrene foam bag with a bubble wrap outer bag. Also includes 3 Arai tear-offs with each visor

SHADE7 visors are 100 plus VAT. Secure next day delivery in the UK is 7.50 This covers postage for 1 or 2 visors

Please e-mail for overseas shipping price.
Payment by Visa Mastercard Paypal
Telephone 00 44 (0)1476 550630

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Dark Smoke Blue - Light Smoke Blue - Dark Smoke Red - Dark Smoke Titanium

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Lt Smoke Turquoise - Dk/Lt Smoke Red - Dk Smoke Turquiose - Lt Smoke Titanium

Lt = Light
Dk = Dark