My helmet design was invented in the early Eighties by the artist at one of my sponsors, VAP Group, when I raced in Formula Ford 1600. We got chatting and he offered to help me out. I just told him that I would like something personal and not too fancy. He came up with the "AW" initials and stripes. It's a very plain design, but does stand out well in photos. I like it a lot. Actually, Philippe Alliot has a very similar design although I didn't know that at the time.

I'm a long time friend of Mike Fairholme ever since he painted my first helmets back in the Eighties. Not only does Mike do a superb job with the helmets, he's also total enthusiast. In fact I'd say he's reached "Anorak" status! To top it off he's a great bloke too.
Many thanks for all your help, Mike.

Andy Wallace